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    TJL is proud to announce that Mes François Lebeau and Mathieu Charest-Beaudry will be joining their team. Me Lebeau joins TJL as senior counsel and collaborator. Me Lebeau is a seasoned litigator and a pioneer of class actions in Quebec, with 35 years’ experience in the field. Me Charest-Beaudry has specialized in class actions since […]

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    Agreement Approved in Samoisette v. IBM

    Judge François Duprat rendered a judgment approving the out-of-court settlement agreement with IBM. The agreement provides for the payment of $ 24,350,000 by IBM to over 450 employees and ex-employees of the Bromont plant. The judgment is available on our website. Link to the IBM Class Action page.

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    On March 16th, 2017, TJL and law firm Deveau avocats filed a class action against the Attorney General of Quebec and the City of Montreal, on behalf of victims left stranded on Highway 13 . TJL and Deveau avocats were retained by a victim of this incident to file this action on his behalf. The proposed […]

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    Settlement reached in class action againt City of Westmount on behalf of victims of John Garland

    We are pleased to announce that a settlement has been reached in the class action brought by Benedict Matthew Bissonnette against the City of Westmount, on behalf of John Garland’s victims. This settlement must be approved by the Superior Court of Québec before entering into force. If you were sexually abused by John Garland between […]

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    Solitary confinement class action authorized by the Superior Court

    On January 13th 2017, the Superior Court of Quebec authorized Arlene Gallone to bring a class action in damages against the Attorney General of Canada. The lawsuit alleges that the practice of the Government of Canada of confining inmates to solitary confinement (such as administrative segregation) for more than 72 consecutive hours violates the Canadian […]

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    Upcoming Steps in Mount Real

    Following the orders rendered on December 1st 2016, here are the next steps which will allow class members to file their respective claims: -At the end of December 2016, you will receive the following documents by mail: notices with details regarding the upcoming steps, the proposed plan of arrangement and a personalized form entitled “Proof […]

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    As a result of a settlement conference presided by the Honorable Louis Lacoursière of the Quebec Superior Court, an out-of-court settlement has been reached between the plaintiff, acting on behalf of all the owners of promissory notes issued by Corporation Mount Real, Gestion MRACS Ltée, Investissements Real Vest Ltée and Corporation Real Assurance Acceptation, and […]

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    André Lespérance at the 2016 edition of the International Symposium on Tobacco Litigation

    André Lespérance made a presentation in Seoul during the International Symposium on Tobacco Litigation held in August 2016. The presentation discussed the strategies adopted by each party in the Quebec Class Action against the canadian tobacco industry as well as the particularities which set this litigation apart from other tobacco litigations. Link to the CQTS-Blais […]

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    For more information, please consult the injunction application (French only).

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    Important Victory for Consumers – Abusive Roaming Fees

    In a unanimous decision rendered on August 10, 2016, the Court of Appeal of Quebec allowed consumers to bring a class action against the international data roaming fees charged by the three major Canadian wireless service providers and their flanker brands: Rogers, Fido, and Chatr; Bell, Virgin Mobile, and Solo; and Telus and Koodo (collectively, the […]

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    Class Action for Impacted Citizens of Malartic

    On August 1st, 2016, TJL filed a motion for authorization of a class action, seeking a fair and equitable compensation for the impacts suffered by the citizens of Malartic and caused by the operations of Canadian Malartic’s gold mine, the largest open-pit mine located in a residential area in Canada. The action seeks compensations which […]

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    Victory for IBM Bromont Employees

    On June 13, 2016, Justice Francois P. Duprat of the Superior Court of Quebec rendered a historic decision that ordered IBM to pay more than $23 million to a group of 451 employees and former employees of its plant in Bromont, Quebec. Judge Duprat ruled that IBM could not go back on a promise made […]

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    The Court of Appeal dismisses another motion from the Blue Collars’ Union

    On April 25, the Court of Appeal dismissed the Blue Collar Workers’ Union’s appeal on the bench. Today, Madam Justice Bich of the Court of Appeal rendered a detailed judgment dismissing the Union’s motion to suspend the execution of the Court’s decision.  This means the Union must pay the $ 2 million owed in punitive damages […]

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    Illegal Hasidic Schools

    TJL filed a Motion for declaratory judgment which alleges that children raised in the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish community of Boisbriand, do not receive an education in accordance with legal standards. Community schools do not hold any license and do not meet the requirements of the compulsory. Link to the page of the action.

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    The Supreme Court refuses to hear JTI-MacDonald

    The Supreme Court of Canada just dismissed an application for leave to appeal presented by the tobacco company JTI-MacDonald Corp. seeking to invalidate the Tobacco-related Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act. This decision is excellent news for the class action against tobacco companies because the law in question, adopted by the National Assembly in […]

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    The Court of Appeal dismisses the Blue Collars’ appeal on the bench!

    A bench of three judges of the Court of Appeal heard our motion to dismiss the appeal of the Blue Collar Workers’ Union today and rendered a judgment on the bench: motion granted and appeal dismissed! This entails that there will be no appeal. Justice Grenier’s January 14th judgment condemning the Blue Collar Workers’ Union […]

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    The Supreme Court refuses to hear Merck (Propecia/Proscar)

    Our colleagues from Klein Lawyers in British-Colombia, leading the class action against Merck for the failure to warn of the risks associated with Propecia and Proscar, are celebrating an important victory today. Merck’s application for leave to appeal the authorization of the class action was dismissed with costs by the Supreme Court of Canada. The […]

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    Light Armoured Vehicles: Judicial Control Against the Minister of Foreign Affairs

    On March 21, 2016, Daniel Turp, represented by Trudel Johnston & Lespérance, filed before the Federal Court a notice of application for judicial review to prohibit the issuance of a permit to export light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia. The serious and repeated violations of human rights by Saudi Arabia are indisputable and well documented. […]

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    Solitary confinement class action

    On February 24, 2013, Arlene Gallone, represented by Trudel Johnston & Lespérance, launched a class action regarding solitary confinement. Each year the Correctional Service of Canada confines thousands of inmates to a cell for 23 hours a day with no contact with other human beings and in most cases without knowledge of how long they […]

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    Abusive international roaming fees charged by Telus, Koodo and PC Mobile for receiving a text message

    On January 9, 2015, Ms. Marie-Andrée Parent, represented by Trudel Johnston & Lespérance, launched a class action against Telus (which also does business under the names “Koodo” and “PC Mobile”) seeking the reduction of the abusive fees charged by Telus for the reception of text messages in the USA and the rest of the world. […]

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    TD Home Equity Line of Credit

    On January 15, 2016, the Court of Appeal of Quebec authorized a class action against Toronto Dominion Bank (“TD”) and named Ms. Marilena Masella as the representative of class members. Ms. Masella alleges that TD breached its contract with class members in the fall of 2009 when it unilaterally and systematically changed how it calculated […]

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    Blue Collars of Montreal condemned to pay punitive damages

    Justice Danielle Grenier rendered a judgment on January 14, 2016 ordering the Blue collars of Montreal to pay 2 000 000 $ in punitive damages. The judge found that the gravity of the fault of the Blue Collars and its severe repercussions warrant for an important condemnation in punitive damages. To read the judgment, click […]

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    The Court of Appeal rendered an important judgment ordering Imperial Tobacco and Rothmans, Benson & Hedges to furnish security in an amount close to 1 billion dollars. The security will be furnished by way of quarterly instalments starting at the end of December in the amounts of $ 108,3 million for Imperial Tobacco and $ 37,7 million […]

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    In a historic judgment made public on June 1, 2015, Justice Brian Riordan of the Quebec Superior Court found in favour of two Quebec class actions against the three tobacco companies Imperial Tobacco, Rothmans, Benson & Hedges, and JTI-MacDonald. Justice Riordan ordered the three companies to pay more than $15 billion in moral and punitive […]

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    Barrick Gold Corporation Pascua-Lama securities class action

    Steven Bodzin v. Barrick Gold Corporation, Aaron Regent, Jamie Sokalsky, Ammar Al-Joundi and Peter Kinver On April 30, 2014, Trudel Johnston & Lespérance launched a class action against Barrick Gold Corporation and four of its Directors and Senior Officers on behalf of the following class of investors: All natural persons and legal persons, which in […]

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    Class action for damages caused by the negligence of the Board of Directors of BioSyntech Inc.

    On May 13, 2013, Mr. Vincent Blais, represented by Trudel Johnston & Lespérance, launched a class action against the eight individuals who were members of the Board of Directors of BioSyntech Inc. on May 12, 2010. The Board oversaw a troubling pattern of negligence that resulted in the hurried sale of its intellectual property and […]

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    Class action for the abusive fees charged by the main Canadian wireless service providers for international mobile data roaming fees:

    On January 8, 2013, Ms. Inga Sibiga, represented by Trudel Johnston & Lespérance, launched a class action against Fido, Rogers, Bell Mobility and Telus claiming damages for the abusive fees these companies charge Quebec consumers who used their mobile phones to access the internet outside of Canada as well as punitive damages for the exploitation […]

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    Canadian Association Against Impunity (CAAI).

    Montreal, January 31, 2012 – The Canadian Association Against Impunity (CAAI), expressed its profound disappointment with last week’s decision by the Quebec Court of Appeal overturning the decision of the Quebec Superior Court in the case against Anvil Mining Limited. While acknowledging the difficulties that the victims have encountered in their attempt to obtain justice, […]

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    Fonds de solidarité FTQ/Michel Arsenault

    Hugues Langlois v. Michel Arsenault Trudel Johnston & Lespérance, on behalf of a shareholder of the Fonds de solidarité des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ) (the “Fonds”), filed a class action on May 26, 2014 against Michel Arsenault, a former President and director of the Fonds de solidarité des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ) (the “Fonds”). The […]

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