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    Plourde v. Service aérien F.B.O. Inc. (Skyservice)

    Aviation / mechanical problems

    On March 29th 2005, Mr. Gabriel Plourde filed a motion for authorization to institute a class action against Skyservice for an incident that occurred during the flight between Montréal and Cancun 5G 468 on March 18th 2005.

    During the flight, one of the engines caught on fire and the aircraft had to perform an emergency landing in Florida. The class action seeks to obtain compensation for the passengers for the damages they sustained.

    The group covered by the class action sought is as follows:

    All passengers on flight 5G 468 of Service aérien F.B.O. Inc. (Skyservice) who suffered damages due to the incident of March 18th 2005.

    The file is currently suspended due to the bankruptcy of Skyservice.


    Procedures and judgments