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    We believe that as lawyers, we are making a difference.

    Often simply filing a class action brings about a change in behaviour.  That is what happened for example when we filed a class action against the provincial Government contesting its practice of subjecting detainees who had been released to strip searches.

    In the same manner, if chartered banks are subject to provincial consumer protection laws, if women in Quebec can choose to obtain an abortion in a clinic of their choice without paying, it is the result of class actions which we won on the merits.

    Even when we do not achieve our goal through the courts, our legal actions help to change practices. For example, as a result of our legal action against the Canadian government to have the export permits for light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia cancelled, Canada finally joined the Arms Trade Treaty. The government has also been more vigilant in exporting arms to countries where fundamental rights are violated, leading notably to the cancellation of a contract to supply helicopters to the Philippines.

    These are only examples. Others are listed in our significant judgments section.