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    The law has the power to change behaviour that is contrary to the public interest. We believe that class action is one of the best ways to achieve this, but it is not always possible.

    When it comes to stopping the release of a contaminant quickly, for example, class action is not ideal because of the time required to complete it. An injunction is much more appropriate. This is the means that TJL used to stop the drilling at Cacouna and protect a beluga whale nursery, a species at risk, on behalf of several environmental organizations.

    Similarly, class action cannot be used to reverse a government decision that is unreasonable or made in bad faith. Judicial review is then the preferred means, as in the case of the light armoured vehicles exported to Saudi Arabia.

    In many instances, public interest cases act as the last line of defence when authorities are negligent or complacent in ignoring fundamental rights, the need to protect the environment or human health.

    TJL is proud to act pro bono to defend noble causes such as the protection of biodiversity, access to education for all, and the protection of health and safety.