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    Bergeron v. Telus Communication Company

    Wireless services / illegal fees for the reception of a text message outside of Canada

    This class action seeks to compensate Telus, Koodo and PC Mobile clients travelling outside Canada who were charged exploitative and abusive fees for the reception of a text message on their mobile device.

    Latest news

    The trial dates have been set for February 9-20, 2026.

    Conditions to be part of this class action

    You are a member of this class action if you fulfil the following criteria:

    All consumers residing in Quebec who have paid international roaming fees to the Respondent for having received text message after January 9, 2012.

    What is alleged against Telus?

    Telus (including Koodo and PC Mobile) charged consumers 60¢ to receive a single text message outside of Canada while the rest of the Quebec wireless industry did not charge for this service. The Defendant stopped billing its Telus consumers this illegal fee soon after the case was filed in January 2015. By February 3, 2016, the Defendant had ceased charging its Koodo clients to receive a text message outside of Canada.

    The class action alleges that Telus’ international roaming fee is illegal because it bears no relation to the underlying cost of the service offered and vastly exceeds its fair market value. The class action seeks the reimbursement of this illegal fee and punitive damages of $75 per member.

    History of the case

    On March 1st, 2017, Justice Pierre Labelle of Quebec Superior Court authorized the class action. We are now preparing for trial.

    On September 5, 2017, the defendant filed the Originating application.

    The Telus defense was filed on June 13, 2018 and we interviewed a Telus representative in June 2019.

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