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    Marianne Tonnelier v. the Attorney General of Quebec

    Class action by the victims of the Government’s mishandling of breast cancer treatment in Quebec

    On June 12, 2009, Mrs Marianne Tonnelier filed a Motion in the Quebec Superior Court, District of Montreal, to be authorized to exercise a class action against the Quebec Government.

    The class is defined as follows:

    All women who were diagnosed with breast cancer in Québec and for whom the result of the test for the biological marker HER-2 or the test for hormonal receptors is negative.

    The proceeding alleges that the Quebec Government was negligent and reckless by tolerating obvious shortcomings in the procedures used to ascertain which treatment is appropriate following a diagnosis of breast cancer. For several years, the Quebec Government was aware of the problem and yet did nothing to correct the situation. This fault has caused significant damages to thousands of women who are fighting against breast cancer and who are now uncertain whether the treatment they have been prescribed is appropriate.

    Madame Marianne Tonnelier has asked the Court to order the Government to compensate the victims of this unacceptable situation.

    In a judgment rendered on October 22, 2010, Mr Justice Luc Lefebvre refused to authorize the class action to proceed. The applicant has filed his inscription in appeal on November 22.

    This file is now closed.