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    Ongoing class actions

    Automobile Protection Association and Gaudreau v. Kia Canada Inc.

    Kia Forte / Engine problems

    This class action seeks to compensate all buyers or leasers of a Kia Forte 2010 to 2015 for their engine problems caused by a design defect. These problems come from scrapes on the cylinders in the engine that are caused by a design defect and a fluttering of the pistons. The problems are first noticeable by a loud knocking in the engine at start and afterward in hot engine. If this is your case, you may be affected by this class action. In addition to a reduction in the purchase or lease price of the car corresponding to the cost of repair or replacement of the engine, the costs paid by the buyers or leasers due to engine problems (e.g. inspection fees) and punitive damages are also claimed at Kia. The loss of money for former owners or leasers is also covered.

    Latest news

    On January 26, 2018, the Automobile Protection Association (APA) and Denis Gaudreau filed an Application for Class Action and to be Representative Against Kia Canada Inc. The Application was amended on February 12, 2018.

    A judge will be appointed soon to hear the authorization of the class action.

    Since filing the action, the APA has become aware of similar problems with the 2L engine in several model years of the Soul and also the 2014-2015 Rondo. Soul and Rondo owners with vehicles that experienced a “piston slap” problem are invited to complete the registration form as well and provide details of your engine complaint.

    Conditions to be part of this class action

    You are part of the class action if you bought or leased a Kia Forte 2010 to 2015 affected by a problem of scratches between the cylinders and the pistons of the engine.

    Note that the court could change the criteria to be part of the class action

    Summary of the class action

    The APA’s mission is to protect the interests of consumers in the automotive sector. The APA found a significant problem of knocking in engines installed on Kia Forte 2010 to 2015 by Kia Canada. The solution to knocking problems often requires important repairs to the owner’s vehicle. In many cases, it is even necessary to completely replace the engine block to keep the car functional.

    An APA member, Mr. Denis Gaudreau, owns a Kia Forte EX 2010 and has stopped using it due to the intense knocking problems affecting his car. Indeed, the knocking is so strong that it could cause the complete shutdown of the engine while it is running. To solve the problem, Mr. Gaudreau should pay between $ 3,000 and $ 4,000. Kia refused to acknowledge his responsibility for the engine design problem, despite the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. Several owners of Kia Forte would be affected.

    The APA is represented by TJL in collaboration with Jean-François Bertrand Avocats.

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