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    Automobile Protection Association and Gaudreau v. Kia Canada Inc.


    Dear Kia owner,

    The Automobile Protection Association (APA) and its lawyers are conducting a survey of members of the class action against Kia Canada Inc. related to engine defects (piston slap) on Kia vehicles.

    We need up-to-date information on Kia engine problems from people like you who registered on our website. The survey is no longer available.

    If you own or leased a Kia vehicle please complete the survey even if:

    • you no longer own or lease the vehicle,
    • the engine had no problems,
    • the engine was repaired/replaced with or without charge.

    Your answers are very important to us and will greatly help us in our efforts to obtain an indemnity for all members of the class action.

    Information from this survey may be shared with Kia Canada Inc. as part of negotiations in the class action. We invite you to keep all your inspection and repair invoices related to the engine noise (piston slap) defect, as well as other related documents, because complete paperwork will help you claim an indemnity if the case settles or we win the action.

    Keep in mind that completing this survey does not guarantee that we will be able to obtain an indemnity for the members of the group.

    We thank you for your cooperation and will keep you informed of developments in the case.

    In collaboration with the law firm Jean-François Bertrand Avocats inc.