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    A Class Action is Filed on Behalf of Canadian Children Excluded by the RAMQ

    Ridwan Sulaimon and Hiqmat Sulaimon, represented by the law firm Trudel Johnston & Lespérance, filed an application today for authorization to institute a class action against the Government of Quebec. They are pursuing this lawsuit on behalf of their daughter and all children who are Canadian citizens living in Quebec who have been denied access to health coverage through RAMQ as a result of their parents’ immigration status.

    Although the children included in the class action were all born in Quebec and live in the province, it is the Government of Quebec’s practice to consider these Canadian children ineligible for public health insurance coverage because of their parents’ immigration status. This practice unjustly deprives them of necessary medical care or forces them to incur significant costs to obtain treatment.

    The plaintiffs are also undertaking this class action on behalf of all the parents or legal guardians of these children, in particular for the costs incurred and the stress suffered as a result of their inability to obtain treatment for their children.

    The plaintiffs allege that the government’s practice of excluding these children is contrary to the Health Insurance Act. They also allege that it violates the fundamental rights of their daughter and other Canadian children who are in a similar situation, including their rights to life, security and integrity as protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. The plaintiffs further argue that this government practice is discriminatory.

    The application was filed in the Superior Court of Quebec in the district of Montreal.

    We invite all individuals and families affected by this practice to contact us by writing to info@tjl.quebec or by calling 514 871-8385.

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