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    Due to COVID-19, the Quebec government has adopted a decree which suspends all procedural deadlines, including time limits for filing an appeal. In addition, during the health emergency, only urgent matters are being heard by the courts.

    The courts are gradually adapting to this new reality by adopting technological measures on a larger scale, but a slowdown of the justice system is inevitable.

    TJL is continuing to advance its files

    The entire TJL team is continuing to work remotely in order to advance the class actions led by the firm.

    The judges assigned to ensure the case management of class actions are taking different approaches depending on the case and the motions presented to them. However, applications for authorization and class action trials are not considered urgent judicial activities.

    To find out more about the file relevant to you, consult the page for that class action or write us an email. Given that we are working remotely, it is best to contact us by email. We will respond as soon as possible.