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    Class Action for Impacted Citizens of Malartic

    On August 1st, 2016, TJL filed a motion for authorization of a class action, seeking a fair and equitable compensation for the impacts suffered by the citizens of Malartic and caused by the operations of Canadian Malartic’s gold mine, the largest open-pit mine located in a residential area in Canada.

    The action seeks compensations which could reach 28 000$ per person for all inconveniences caused by the mine from August 1st, 2013 to August 1st, 2016, such as excessive dust, noise day and night and vibrations due to blasting which usually takes place twice daily. An amount of 9000$ per person per year for the time lapsed between the filing of the class action and a final judgment could add up to the base amount. Twenty millions of dollars are also sought as punitive damages for infringement of the members’ rights to enjoyment of their property and to live in a healthy environment protected by the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. The petitioner, Mr. Louis Trottier, also asks the Court to reserve the right of members to make individual claims for cracks in buildings, decrease in property value and any other damage caused by the mining operations.

    For more information, read the Comité citoyens de la zone sud de la voie ferrée de Malartic’s press release and our webpage dedicated to the class action.