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    Victory for Anne-Marie Péladeau

    On April 30, 2020, Judge Dugré ruled in favour of our client, Ms. Anne-Marie Péladeau, in a dispute that has pitted her against her brothers Pierre-Karl and Erik Péladeau for many years. The judge ordered the company Placements Péladeau inc. (PPI), controlled by Messrs. Péladeau, to pay Ms. Péladeau the sum of $36 million, plus legal interest. He also ordered provisional execution of this finding even if the judgment were to be appealed.

    The litigation stems from a settlement agreement entered into in 2000 following the death of Pierre Péladeau. At that time, it was agreed that Ms. Péladeau would receive her share of the inheritance, owed to her, in several instalments. Nearly twenty years later, the assets sold by Ms. Péladeau to PPI had an approximate value of $900 million, whereas Ms. Péladeau had received only $16 million of the agreed sale price of $55 million.

    The judgment is available by clicking here.