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    Union des consommateurs and Marc-Olivier Moisan-Plante v. TELUS Communications inc.

    Telus Communications / Public Mobile Change of Network in 2014 / Discontinuance Authorized by the Superior Court

    This class action was seeking compensation for class members whose services or plans with Public Mobile were unilaterally changed in the context of the network merger with TELUS Communications Inc.

    The definition of the class in the application for authorization is as follows:

    “Any person who, while a subscriber to wireless telephone services offered under the Public Mobile brand, has been notified of unilateral changes to their services or packages and/or whose services, packages or obligations have been, or will be, changed.

    Corporate entities with more than 50 employees under their control at any time since April 3rd, 2013, are excluded from the Class.”

    On June 28th, 2021, the Superior Court authorized the plaintiff Union des consommateurs to discontinue the class action. This means that legal proceedings have been abandoned. The Court also ordered the publication of the Notice to Members on this page.