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    In a detailed judgment, the Honourable Justice Donald Bisson confirms that the terms “sexual predator” and “rape” refer to factual allegations that Les Courageuses have the right to use to describe Mr. Rozon and his actions. The judge therefore denied Mr. Rozon’s application to strike out portions of the application for leave to institute a class action. This is a significant victory for Les Courageuses and the members of the group.

    Motion to strike

    The motion to strike covered three categories of allegations:

    1. those where “sexual predator” was used to describe him,
    2. those where the term “rape” was used to describe his actions, and,
    3. those stating that certain charges were withdrawn in 1998 and that an investigation was ongoing currently.

    The judgment

    Judge Bisson’s conclusions are that these passages are relevant to the class action. He adds that Rozon’s motion to strike seeks to remove the core of the factual allegations in the Motion, which the Court cannot do.

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